RIGHTS Foundation

RIGHTS FOUNDATION (RIGHTS) is an independent think tank and charitable organisation founded by Yusmadi Yusoff, a lawyer, former Member of Parliament and current serving Senator of the Upper House of the Malaysian Parliament.

What we Offer?

A vision of establishing a homegrown regional organisation to utilise the talents in the region, especially those who are familiar with, understand and appreciate the peculiarity and uniqueness of indigenous elements in the region.


Successful solutions to national and regional problems can only be found through collaborative efforts between differ- ent stakeholders, from within and without the country


By running, organising, facilitating and enabling edu- cational programmes pursuant to the trust objectives, RIGHTS aspires to improve regional policies and decision-making through research, analysis and engagement.


In providing research and educational information to stakeholders (being interested person(s), groups or organisations) and the general public, RIGHTS aims to organise appropriate activities and to take pertinent measures in support of the above missions of the trust.

Our Works

Promotes constructive engagement and interaction on the issues of Governance, Human Rights and Social Justice in the region (hereafter collectively referred to as ‘RIGHTS issues’) through forums, seminars, advocacy work, dialogues and publications.

Pemudahcara Masyarakat

Being a well trained Public Facilitator upon graduation from a programme the youth will be deploy to all over places where there are social challenges in society. The Public Facilitators is expected to be ‘ Facilitator’ for the community in addressing their current challenges.

The total effect of this project will help governments to reduce numbers of unemployed graduates and unskilled school leavers. We believe this project will be an important step for us to produce potential future leaders for society especially in rural/countryside of developing countries.