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RIGHTS FOUNDATION (RIGHTS) is an independent think tank and charitable organisation founded by Yusmadi Yusoff, a lawyer, former Member of Parliament and current serving Senator of the Upper House of the Malaysian Parliament.

RIGHTS was conceived with a vision of establishing a homegrown regional organisation to utilise the talents in the region, especially those who are familiar with, understand and appreciate the peculiarity and uniqueness of indigenous elements in the region.

RIGHTS stands for Regional Initiatives for Governance, Human Rights and Social Justice, is operated on the central idea of ‘Muafakat’. We believe that successful solutions to national and regional problems can only be found through collaborative efforts between differ- ent stakeholders, from within and without the country. We believe that consensus alone, and limited only to members of the elite, is not enough to address the growing number of problems world faces today.

Against the backdrop of existing sensitivities and unique cultural elements within this multi-cultural and diverse region, RIGHTS understands that leaders, thinkers and policy makers from across a the spectrum of diverse communities must be brought together and have a platform to meet, learn, innovate ideas and ultimately find solutions to the challenges we face today.

“Muafakat’ is a philosophy which encourage interaction and collaboration of the core competants of a nation in matters of common grounds for higher objective of common interests. For Yusmadi, Muafakat is an idea of Democracy of the region.

RIGHTS FOUNDATION (PPAB-24/2013) is a charitable trust incorporated under Trustees (Incorporation) Act 1952 of Malaysia on 4th June 2013