Lokacipta@PJLama is RIGHTS’ newest initiative to revitalise the historically rich but now neglected city of of Petaling Jaya Old Town. The whitewashed building sandwiched between a row of classic terrace houses offers a stylish co-working space located in the heart of the Klang Valley. It is Lokacipta’s vision to encourage people of all stripes to come together within this space in the name of discussing current affairs and designing innovative and collaborative new solutions to break the deadlock of long enduring problems. This centre will also act as a focal point in a ambitious new project to reclaim the heritage of this historic old town, and to connect humble PJ Old Town with other ‘Old Towns’ across the globe in the spirit of promoting ‘soft’ diplomacy and cultural exchange between nations, within Southeast Asia and also beyond.

Through this project we aim to train the youth especially the unemployed graduate and school leavers to be PUBLIC FACILITATOR (PEMUDAHCARA MASYARAKAT). Being a well trained Public Facilitator upon graduation from a programme the youth will be deploy to all over places where there are social challenges in society. The Public Facilitators is expected to be ‘ Facilitator’ for the community in addressing their current challenges.

The total effect of this project will help goverments to reduce numbers of unemployyed graduates and unskilled school leavers. We believe this project will be an important step for us to produce potential future leaders for society especially in rural/countryside of develop- ing countries.