In this globalised age, we at RIGHTS recognise that even as knowledge and connectivity have proliferated across the world, there still exist many who have not been able to benefit from this wave of modernity and development. Thus at RIGHTS the main thrust of our work revolves around thinking about innovative and creative new solutions to addressing the issues of inequality that plague society – whether it be inequality in terms of gender, economic capacity, education, and physical ability.

RIGHTS promotes constructive engagement and interaction on the issues of Governance, Human Rights, and Social Justice in the region (hereafter collectively referred to as ‘RIGHTS issues’) through forums, seminars, advocacy work, dialogues, and publications.

In providing research and educational information to stakeholders (being interested person(s), groups, or organisations) and the general public, RIGHTS aims to organise appropriate activities and to take pertinent measures in support of the above missions of the trust.

By running, organising, facilitating, and enabling educational programmes pursuant to the trust objectives, RIGHTS aspires to improve regional policies and decision-making through research, analysis and engagement.