Moving beyond ASEAN, RIGHTS ASIA was launched as an effort to extend collaboration to the greater Asian continent. As the second most racially diverse continent in the world, Asia offers an as-yet untapped wealth of knowledge and a potential fertile site for the cross-fertilisation of ideas across a large variety of cultures and countries. Thus to tap into this opportunity, RIGHTS ASIA aims to provide a platform for talents including leaders, thinkers and policy makers from the respective communities to be brought together to meet, interact and collaborate for innovative ideas and ultimately find solutions to shared global challenges.


Thus, RIGHTS will organise an annual RIGHTS FORUM to assemble the ‘thinkers’ and the ‘doers’ of the RIGHTS fraternity to discuss issues and challenges in the region and beyond. The RIGHTS FORUM is a capacity building which aims to empower young legislators in the region with a RIGHTS-based approach of development especially on matters pertaining to the aforementioned RIGHTS Issues of Governance, Human Rights and Social Justice.