The Forum Muafakat Nusantara was initiated by RIGHTS as a platform for intellectual discourse and exchange between member States of the ‘Nusantara’ (a region encompassing Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Southern Phillippines and Timor Leste). The Forum was born as result of RIGHTS’ conviction that current diplomatic initiatives between Malaysia and Indonesia in particular have not been adequate to foster a real sense of camaraderie between the two neighbouring states.

Through initiatives like Forum Muafakat Nusantara, the people of Indonesia and Malaysia have come together to discuss joint challenges and tensions between the two nations. Through these interactions and collaborations, new solutions to enduring grievances between Malaysia and Indonesia – including the treatment of domestic servants, the transnational haze and marine disputes, to name a few – may be found.

These discussions are not limited between only Malaysia and Indonesia – the Forum intends to extend the scope of collaboration between all members of the ‘Nusantara’. Against the backdrop of existing sensitivities and unique cultural elements within this multicultural and diverse region, RIGHTS believes that talents including leaders, thinkers and policymakers across diverse communities must be brought together and have a platform to meet, interact and collaborate for the germination of innovative ideas.