RIGHTS firmly believes that the underprivileged and marginalised should not be edged out of mainstream development by virtue of their economic disadvantage.

To this end, Pusat Hak Rakyat was conceived by RIGHTS to address the legal needs of the rural poor in Balik Pulau. The centre was born of a long held dream of our Founder’s to provide the underprivileged in the town he grew up in access to quality legal advice. The impetus of the centre’s creation was to support the citizens of Balik Pulau who were facing eviction from their homes by land developers.

Throughout his legal career, Yusmadi as a long active advocate of justice to evictees has defended over 600 families who were facing eviction through his law firm Fahda and Yusmadi. Recognising the limitations of a law firm to cater to the needs of the underprivileged, Pusat Hak Rakyat was born to serve specifically the victims of eviction in Balik Pulau. RIGHTS is a strong proponent of the rights of all – from urban dweller to villager – to access to justice. We believe that ‘development’ that does not adequately support the wellbeing of all layers of society is an inherently flawed concept. Development should not oppress – rather it should be a process of empowerment that